July 30, 2009

Ceralink Introduces Revolutionary Rapid Lamination with FastFuse™

Troy, New YorkCeralink Inc. announces the arrival of FastFuse™ (pat. pend.), a rapid, new, energy saving process for lamination of glass and composites, using radio frequency (RF) heating technology. FastFuse™, compatible with EVA, TPU, and PVB interlayers, slashes lamination time to less than 5 minutes, reducing energy costs by 90% or more.
FastFuse™ has the ability to revolutionize the laminate manufacturing industries through lower start-up and energy costs, and faster cycle times. FastFuse™ transmits RF energy directly into the interlayer to generate heat, eliminating the need to directly heat glass layers and the surrounding enclosures, such as autoclaves or vacuum systems.  The application versatility of FastFuse™ has been demonstrated for glass, plastics, and multi-material structures such as photovoltaics and transparent armor.
Ceralink, a global leader in the development of microwave processing technologies, specializes in materials consulting, R&D, microwave technology and scale up, materials analysis, and lean green engineering. Throughout their 8 years in business, Ceralink has combined top notch engineering with materials innovation and dedication to the development of sustainable manufacturing solutions.
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