October 01, 2009

Ceralink Introduces a New Way to Laminate

Troy, NY

Troy, N.Y.--based Ceralink Inc. has developed the patent-pending FastFuse™, a new energy saving process for laminating glass and composites using radio frequency (RF) press technology. The company says the technology requires low capital equipment expense, has low energy costs and has a faster cycle time than current autoclave and vacuum technologies.

By using a RF press to heat the bonding interlayer material in the laminate structure selectively, the product can save energy over other technologies on the order of 90%, and cycle in minutes instead of hours. It can be used in architectural and solar glass applications. Ceralink currently is seeking to commercialize the technology by packaging this new process with the equipment to sell to the laminating industries.

For more information contact:

Patricia Strickland, CEO
Ceralink Inc.
105 Jordan Road
Troy, NY, USA 12180
Phone: (518) 283-7733
Fax: (518) 283-9134


See the full press release in US Glass Magazine:

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