Licensing Opportunities

Interested in Licensing FastFuse

Ceralink offers flexible licensing options and competitive pricing.

Ceralink is seeking partners from the RF equipment manufacturing industry to license FastFuse™ for packaging the FastFuse™  process and rights to use with RF press equipment for sales into the lamination industries.

FastFuse™ technology offers RF equipment manufacturers access to new markets of significant size. In flat glass markets, lamination is used for photovoltaic panels, transparent armor and shields, auto safety glass, architectural glass, specialty glass. In current lamination technologies, 90% of the energy is wasted heating structural layers and the surrounding enclosure. There is a strong need for alternative manufacturing methods. FastFuse™ meets that need by replacing an energy intensive method with an energy efficient one.

If you are interested in licensing FastFuse please contact
Patricia Strickland for more information. 
Patricia M. Strickland
Chief Executive Officer
Ceralink Inc.
105 Jordan Road
Troy, NY 12180
Phone: 518-283-7733