Strategic Partners

Ceralink has partnered with equipment
manufacturers and investors to develop and make 
FastFuse Technology available to industry.



Below is a list of our FastFuse collaborators.

Thermex Thermatron
Ceralink has formed a strategic partnership with Thermex Thermatron, an RF equipment manufacturer, to offer FastFuse™ RF Glass Lamination Press.  This equipment is available for testing at Ceralink's Microwave Technology Center facilities and also available for purchase.

Department of Energy
Ceralink would like to extend a warm acknowledgment to the Department of Energy, Inventions and Innovations program, who provided the initial $250,000 grant to get FastFuse™ RF Lamination technology off the ground.    (see page 68)  (see page 3)

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Ceralink would also like to acknowledge the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, who is currently supporting Ceralink's commercialization effort of FastFuse™ RF Lamination.