Energy Savings

FastFuse™ is a new technology that shows promise for significantly reducing the need for energy intensive autoclaving of laminated glass. The direct heating of FastFuse™ virtually eliminates the reliance on thermal conductivity for heat transfer, which is inherent in traditional autoclave methods. RF technology has been used to laminate single-pane glass laminates in less than one minute, and multilayer transparent armor panels (up to 3 inches thick) in just five minutes. This compares to process times of 1 to 6 hours using autoclaves, and provides an energy savings of over 90%. A cost and energy analysis was performed, comparing RF lamination to the state-of-the-art autoclave process. RF lamination can lower the cost of high value laminates such as photovoltaic panels and transparent armor, by improving product throughput, energy efficiency, and enable rapid just-in-time manufacturing for glass laminates.

The chart below shows lamination industry energy usage for the industry average (based on industry reports), Pilkington’s windshield manufacturing process, and FastFuse as demonstrated to-date by Ceralink.