Armor & Security

Transparent Ceramic Armor

An independent analysis shows the optical properties of FastFuse laminated armor panels meet or exceed military specifications. The balistic performance is also comparable to autoclaved windows.

  • Several layers of glass, transparent ceramics, & structural plastics
  • TPU -preferred bonding interlayer
  • Total thickness 1” to 6”
  • 3 to 7 interlayers per armor panel
  • Long, energy intensive autoclave processes used currently








FastFuse laminated armor panel - 1 ft2, 1¾" thick


Opportunities for Armor

  • Uniformity – simultaneous lamination of multilayers
  • Time savings – critical development, production
  • 95 to 98% energy reduction over autoclaving
  • Alternative to autoclave


Click below to download more information about the armor opportunities using FastFuse


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