Feasibility established for many laminate systems:

  • Autoglass (except curved)
  • Multilayer armor
  • Dissimilar materials
  • Interlayer inserts
    • decorative films
    • colored and printed interlayers
    • solar cells
    • LED films
  • Metallized glass
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics


Product/Process Development – In Progress (2008 – Present)
Engineering efforts in the past 3 years focused on establishing feasibility for a wide range of products in the flat glass lamination markets.  Nearly all of the major laminate systems/areas of interest have been tested and feasibility has been demonstrated.  To date, feasibility of FastFuse™ lamination has been established for:

  • Solar cell lamination
  • Solderless electrical connection
  • Glass to glass lamination
  • Glass panes (24” x 36”), up to 4 at a time
  • Composite lamination  
    • Glass to ceramic 
    • Glass to polycarbonate
    • Multilayer composites
  • Up to 5 layers of glass or polycarbonate 
  • LEDs

Feasibility established for many structural & interlayer materials used to laminate products:

Structural Layers Interlayers



Clear & Tinted Glass





DuPont Butacite® 

Metallized Low-E

Solutia Saflex® 


 DuPont SentryGlass Expressions®



Multiple Glass Layers

Sekisui S-LEC®  EN Film

Alumina to Glass

 Bridgestone EVASAFE

Glass to Polycarbonate

 Kin Yong Fa- clear, colored, opaque 

Silicon Solar Cells to Glass


Polyester (PET) Films

 Deerfield Urethane Dureflex® 

PET Films with LEDs

 Huntsman Krystalflex®