About FastFuse™

For FastFuse™ RF Lamination, the radio frequency (RF) energy selectively heats the polymer interlayer, keeping the structural layers relatively cool. Ceralink has applied for a patent on the FastFuse™ technology. This process has demonstrated 85-95% energy savings compared to the standard methods. This process is instant on/off power usage, allowing the machine to be run only when product is being produced.

In an autoclave or vacuum method, the entire inside volume of the vessel must be heated, including all parts of the laminate, supports and the container itself. FastFuse™ technology is based on RF plastic welding machines and lamination using RF is a completely new application for this equipment. This process is innovative for lamination manufacturers, as this equipment can be automated, cutting down on product loading and un-loading, decreasing the cycle time and improving the process flow.

To see what FastFuse™ can do for you, click the PDF link below:

FastFuse™ Radio Frequency Glass Lamination